MyFarm Kit

Aquaponic growing system supplied in kit form for self-installation in a greenhouse to automate vegetable growing.

Produce up to 1,000 € a year of fresh, tasty organic produce with a minimum of time, space and resources.


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MyFarm kit description

If you don’t already have a greenhouse, buy one and automate it with the MyFarm aquaponics system, supplied as a DIY kit, to produce up to 1,000 € a year of fresh, tasty organic produce.

Welcome pack

Included in the MyFarm kit

  • 12 growing towers that will revolutionize the way you grow your vegetables. These towers offer a density of 40 plants/m², taking up 6 times less space than a conventional vegetable garden. Root irrigation considerably reduces the risk of diseases such as mildew, powdery mildew or rust, eliminates any risk of drought and means you never have to worry about watering. And because there’s no soil, you won’t have to worry about crop rotation, no bags of potting soil to move, no weeds to pull, no mulch to maintain, no soil to clean up from crops. But their greatest quality is to considerably reduce any risk of attack by pests such as slugs, caterpillars, aphids, rodents, mammals, parasites and fungi. They also offer the invaluable advantage of comfortable access to each plant, so you can keep your back healthy. Transplanting seedlings is effortless, and the towers move as you please.
  • Fastening system allowing towers to be installed and removed with just one hand.
  • Food-grade PVC irrigation system, designed to eliminate splashing and therefore reduce noise and humidity in the greenhouse. Two integrated drain valves make cleaning pipes a snap. Bonus: the liquid that flows out of those valves is a concentrate of organic fertilizer, a gold mine for your garden!
  • Fish tank made of solid wood, stained and covered with felt for long life.
  • High-efficiency SuperECO water pump (35 W).
  • Quiet, economical air pump (4 W) to oxygenate water and promote healthy fish, the development of nitrifying bacteria, currents at the bottom of the tank, and to prevent water freezing in winter.
  • Mechanical and biological filter with integrated UVC sterilizer (11 W), easy to clean, to eliminate algae and avoid system clutter.
  • Automatic feeder with a capacity of up to 2 weeks, allowing feeding throughout the day (up to 4 meals/day), ideal for fish development (2 AA batteries not included).
  • Waterproof electrical box into which you simply insert your electricity cord to connect all the devices in the system.
  • Automatic window opener that gradually opens the skylight when it gets too hot – without electricity. Promotes air renewal at the right time and ensures the right temperature. Wide opening angle, stainless steel and double springs for long life.
  • Cycling starter kit with freeze-dried nitrifying bacteria to speed up the cycling process.
  • Water test kit to check all parameters in 60 seconds.
  • pH reducer to ensure optimum acidity.
  • Mineral salts to boost your crops for 1 year.
  • Assembly guide in video.
  • A step-by-step user guide to help you master your system. With this guide, you don’t need any prior gardening knowledge. MyFarm is accessible to everyone, including those new to fruit and vegetable growing.

Not included in the kit and to be purchased

  • Greenhouse
  • Clay pebbles (45 liters)
  • Fish and food (minimum 30 fish of minimum 10 cm)
  • Sowing
Not included

To be planned

  • A single electrical plug to be inserted in the greenhouse, in the electrical box supplied
  • 30 minutes of maintenance per week
  • Intense, everyday happiness

The MyFarm kit is compatible with any greenhouse meeting the following conditions

  • Rectangular, minimum length 260 cm, minimum width 140 cm (please contact us for widths over 310 cm)
  • Minimum gutter height 140 cm (Note: from 180 cm in height, the pond is simply placed on the ground, and between 140 and 180 cm the pond is buried to a depth of 180 cm minus the height of the greenhouse under the gutter. If you can’t dig into the ground, you’ll need a gutter greenhouse at least 180 cm high).
  • Aluminium frame (compatible with hammerhead greenhouse screws)
  • Vertical walls (not sloping)

All the greenhouses in our store are compatible with the MyFarm kit. If you already have a greenhouse, please contact MyFarm to check its compatibility.

    Greenhouse conditions

    MyFarm towers can be used to grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables

    • Aromatic herbs: parsley, basil, verbena, coriander, chives, thyme, rosemary, mint, fennel, …
    • Leafy vegetables: all types of lettuce, kohlrabi, kale, Chinese cabbage, celery, pak choi, …
    • Small fruit vegetables: cherry tomatoes, peppers, chillies, beans, …
    • Berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, …
    • Edible flowers

    Large plant extensions (available in the store) connect to the system and enable larger fruiting vegetables to be grown: tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, cauliflowers, …

      Delivery and assembly

      Delivery takes 3 to 5 weeks.

      You can install the MyFarm kit yourself using our instructional videos.. To do this, you’ll need a screwdriver with 3 mm wood and 3 and 6.5 mm metal bits, a cutter, a 10 mm wrench, screwdrivers, a hot air gun or hair dryer, pliers and a basin.

        Layouts to suit the dimensions of your greenhouse

        Layout A
        Width from 140 to 310 cm
        Length 260 cm and over

        Layout B
        Width from 220 to 310 cm
        Length 290 cm and over

        Agencement C
        Width over 310 cm
        Length over 310 cm

        Take part in the extraordinary MyFarm adventure!

        Useful documents

        MyFarm brochure

        Presentation of an automated greenhouse

        Maintenance of an automated greenhouse

        Photo gallery